Back on the train again

Welcome to Orient Express Writers, a blog about the writing and editing process for the new edition of Horror on the Orient Express for Chaosium. It first squirmed into the light of day over two decades ago. It will return in August 2013, just in time for Lovecraft’s 123rd birthday.

We’re delighted to be boarding the train again, and we’ve invited some new writers to jump on board. The publication would not be possible without the enthusiasm and kindness of everyone who supported Chaosium on Kickstarter. We thought we’d start this blog to share what we’re up to as we chug towards publication and beyond.

Man dies three times in one night. Let the horror begin… again!


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3 responses to “Back on the train again

  1. Brian Courtemanche

    Will the product be available on the general market, or only to Kickstarter backers?


    – Brian C.
    Chelmsford, Massachusetts

  2. It will be available from Chaosium via the usual channels after the GenCon Indy launch. Our lovely Kickstarter backers enjoy all kinds of other bonuses for supporting us.

  3. Brian Courtemanche

    Terrific – thanks!

    – Brian C.
    Chelmsford, Massachusetts

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